Sci-Fi thriller directed by Oscar-nominated director Ruairi Robinson. 

Described as ALIENS meets THE ROAD, the perilous journey of an estranged father and daughter across a world upended, when alien species of many kinds are unleashed into our ecosystem. 


In development. True Crime Narrative. Seven Episode Limited Mini-Series or Feature Film. HBO/Netflix/Amazon.

Based on the 2004 Rolling Stone article “Mojave Manhunt” and the multi-award winning book by Deanne Stillman, DESERT RECKONING is the true story of a town sheriff, a Mojave hermit, and the biggest manhunt in modern California history. The story depicts the events in 2003 that led to the epic seven day manhunt for Donald Kueck, a resourceful hermit in the Mojave Dessert. Set in the outsider community of Llano, the atmospheric high desert town becomes character, conversely participating in and thwarting police efforts in the seven day search for the fugitive. “A dynamic synthesis of Western saga, true-crime thriller and California-based transformation narrative.” - Kirkuk Reviews



Pilot - One Hour. Network/Netflix Drama. Written by David Eick’s (Battlestar Galactica) longtime Director of Development and Associate Producer of Galactica and Caprica.  Michael Clayton meets The Blacklist.

With each passing day the line between industry and government blurs, revealing truths about how the world's largest companies are built. In "The Valiant," Adelphia Oil is a small oil company on the eve of a billion dollar merger with megalithic Exxon, but Frank Nolan, Adelphia's Compliance Director, knows that protecting Adelphia's secrets means keeping them in the most dangerous place on earth “An unwavering fidelity toward character and narrative complexity and a refusal to provide clean breaks for any of its characters--but also a steadfast insistence on the decency that exists in every character to balance their darker sides. This may be a grim show, but it's not relentlessly so, and that sliver of light gives this series more dynamism than many others like it can boast. It would make a great fit for either AMC or FX. Basic cable would be lucky to snap up a script with this much ambiguity and intrigue.” 


One Hour Network Spy/Action Thriller - “Blacklist” featured TV Pilot.

When a brazen journalist with an embattled past chases a dubious lead, he finds himself immersed in a terror conspiracy - seeking the truth in a world serviced by lies. "The palpable air of paranoia in this script would make it a perfect companion for the similarly themed Mr. Robot on USA. It’s a script that both respects the audience’s intelligence while making sure they can keep up with the plot development, and the overall conspiracy looks to be fascinatingly vast and dangerous. It could also work for a broadcast show on a network looking to emulate some of the serialized shows of the past, e.g. Lost and its ilk. It seems very, very likely to garner interest from agents and executives alike."


One Hour. Network/Cable/Amazon/Netflix. Drama/Western Crime Thriller. Written by the Blacklist writers of Black & White. Sicario meets Memento for TV.

Suffering from memory loss after a suspicious attempt on his life, a Laredo police lieutenant works to clear his name and discovers he’s a lead in a vengeful plot. “This script introduces memorable characters. Miles andPerro are standout villains. Nina, ostensibly the other protagonist (with Brady), is characterized in a way that shows her flaws as well as her strengths - she will definitely appeal to a wide range of audience members. This is a well-crafted, thrilling read with the potential for a long run”


Pilot - Half hour. Comedy. Ten episodes of first season written. Set & Shooting in LA.

Getting lost, running scared, finding your destiny. Two best friends try to keep their lives together after moving apart for the first time since they were teenagers. 20’s and 30’s age range.

Written by Oliver Azcarate and David Schneider, the series will tonally follow the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia meets Curb Your Enthusiasm model if not find its own. Inspired by the works of Charlie Chaplin, Samuel Beckett, Woody Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, and Larry David, the protagonist(s) symbolize the angst, confusion, paranoia, frustration, and longing that embody the pervasive neurosis of their time. They’re often unable to navigate the most mundane circumstances but also rise to the occasion when you least expect it.   Seamus Tierney attached to DP.


Pilot - One hour - Amazon/Netflix Street Drama. Set in NYC. Loosely based off of the iconic 1995 Rolling Stone article by Kevin Feldman, the series explores the grittiness and social realism of Pariah or Girlhood while meeting the high-octane heightened reality of The Shield and The Wire.

Carmen, Sean and Fritz live in modern New York City - sterile, rich, policed - they aren’t any of these. A narrative, with documentary realism, Hit & Run delves deep into the world of the street and into a street gang in love with the art of graffiti. Telling their story, living free and staying alive in a city and a time that outlaws what you are.


Script. A unique genre bending project for both story and VFX. Mary Vernieu attached to cast the film. Deal pending with Lightcraft VFX out of Poland.

An obsessive, socially awkward financial analyst meets an alluring woman. Newfound confidence and heightened cognitive function follow, but not because of her… but because of the unlikely bond he forms with a mosquito named Mother.